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Cognitive Factors



  • Enhances memory in adults
  • Supports peripheral circulation

Cognitive Factors is a unique combination of ingredients, including ginkgo biloba, that enhances cognitive function in adults. Ginkgo biloba provides timetested cognitive support, enhancing the flow of oxygen and blood to the brain, and promoting healthy transmission of nerve impulses. Furthermore, ginkgo has the ability to support healthy capillaries and blood vessels. Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials have found supplementation with ginkgo biloba improves cognitive function, including general intelligence (vocabulary, comprehension), memory, visuospatial abilities, attention processes and information-processing speed. Vinpocetine, a synthetic derivative of a periwinkle plant extract, is also included in this formula. It is commonly used in pharmacological research involving the brain as it effectively crosses the bloodbrain barrier. Clinical studies have found that this compound is preferentially absorbed by the central nervous system, with highest levels of uptake in the forebrain.

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