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Biomeridian Testing

Bio-meridian Testing

Bio- meridian is an assessment-testing device that we use in our integrative practice of functional medicine. The technology is based on acupuncture points and electro-dermal testing which scans the electrical resistance in various organs and body systems. This technology provides an indication of weakened points in the body that are sluggish. Weight management as an aim to improve physique is therefore contingent on the overall health functioning of the individual.

Success depends on how well foods are being metabolized, hormones are functioning, and organs are processing fats and eliminating toxins. The results of the test are not diagnostic but can reveal weakened areas that need support or require more in depth investigation. Afterwards we follow up with a second appointment to determine your current and prior health history and prescribe a treatment protocol using Functional Medicine and Nutrition to support ideal markers for body fat ratios. The body fat BIA test will provide the percentage of body fat ratio, muscle mass, and cellular health and hydration status- important indicators of how well nutrition is being incorporated. A follow up prescription review is generally followed within 4-6 weeks to monitor changes. In total there are 3 sessions involved. Depending on the weight loss goals and the health factors, a second review may be recommended at a later date.

The combination of this approach has been successful in weight management where triggers such as hormones, gut function, immune health and skeletal muscle mobility would otherwise go on to be limiting factors. This focused technique on reducing the stressors in the body provides a customized protocol for support and as a result better and improved long-term sustainable results.