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Why do we need a multi-vitamin?

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When we are under stress, physical, mental or emotional or during times of change or illness, a supplement program can help to build up, to balance, or to detoxify the body, as the situation requires. People who are dieting or go on special or limited diets because of allergies, a desire to lose weight may need additional nutrient intake.  In addition to stress, sugar and smoking also cause nutrient depletion such as free radical damage to cells. A poor diet with refined sugary foods can be balanced by taking a multivitamin that has B vitamins, vitamin C, amino acid glutamine, and chromium to help balance out the fluctuating blood sugar and reduce food cravings. Regular alcohol use or taking medications can also deplete nutrients and cause liver issues.

If we could all create our own healthy, balanced lifestyle, and were not victims of a busy high tech society, we would likely be able to obtain our needed nutrients from our fresh, homegrown vital foods, breathing clean air, drinking non – contaminated water.  Even our natural fruits, vegetables and whole grains may not be as nourishing in the way they used to be because of the depletion of soil minerals and the additional stress on our bodies caused by chemical and pesticide exposure.

With this entire burden we experience in our body, nutritional supplementation can help to regulate the imbalances. In my practice, I recommend 3 multivitamins for both men and women for different issues.

Vitabolic –  By Nutrabolics is a whole food supplement with a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals. A multivitamin that has powerful free radical scavenging anti-oxidant effects, herbal extracts for immune protection, polyphenols for estrogen blunting and phytonutrients to help prevent cellular degeneration.  This is great for the average person, the dieter, athlete and the bodybuilder. And for people who don’t get the recommended daily intake of fruits and vegetables, this particular multivitamin delivers a high potency of biologically active freeze dried greens and berries equivalent to eight servings of fruits and vegetables combined.

Phyto-multi by Metagenics is another great gluten free full spectrum multivitamin with phytonutrients, and optimized vitamins and minerals to activate health potential. This multi is designed to recharge cellular communication; nourish cells with a full spectrum of phyto-nutrients and essential vitamins and minerals to support multiple bodily systems , and  defend cells by helping maintain DNA stability by protecting against oxidative stress from free radicals .This multivitamin is beneficial for all types of people .

Orange triad by controlled Labs is iron free and made for athletes who intentionally stress their bodies with physical training. Over time the immune system can be compromised and muscles, tendons and ligaments take longer to recover and as a result this impacts training and performance levels. The combination of vitamins, minerals and nutrients in this multivitamin support the joint system by increasing the resiliency of connective tissue, while the digestive and immune complexes helps to assimilate more nutrients from food.

In recent news:

The university of Alberta is researching the benefits on how resveratrol, an ingredient found both in the vitabolic and Phytomulti may be a natural performance enhancer.

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