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Nutrition Mythbusting – Microwaves Arn’t Bad For You

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The microwave is a strange thing, so it is entirely understandable that people would be concerned that the microwave is somehow changing the composition of their food into something unhealthy. Some of us still feel weird just standing in front of the microwave while it is on.

While microwaves do technically produce “radiation”, there are many different forms of radiation, and the strength of radiation produced by microwaves is pretty pathetic.

Robert Brackett, Ph. D., director of the National Center for Food Safety and Technology confirms that microwaves are in no way powerful enough to cause any sort of molecular or genetic changes in the food. He says “Microwave cooking is really no different from any other cooking method that applies heat to food”.

That being said, microwaving food in some (lower-grade) plastics can result in the plastic compounds being leached into food. So it is highly recommend that you take care to use microwave-safe containers only.

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