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Nutrition Mythbusting – Too Much Salt is Bad For You

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If you haven’t noticed, people eat a lot of salt. Practically everything in the grocery store that comes in a box or can is like 90% salt. You’ve probably heard about how terrible this is for your health, but as it turns out, its really not as bad as people make it out to be. The myth is that excessive consumption of salt thickens your blood, putting more strain on your heart and elevating blood pressure.

However, it is true that salt can raise blood pressure, but only mildly, and only in the short term. In the end, all of the recent studies show that salt has extremely limited impact on actual hard outcomes like heart attacks.

Over the years, randomized controlled trials on limited sodium intake has shown no effect on heart disease or death. However, if you already have high blood pressure, eating an all frozen-pizza diet is still a bad idea. Two slices of frozen pizza can contain up to 1400mg of salt, which is the daily recommended intake of sodium.

Basically, If you eat a whole frozen pizza, you won’t need salt for about 12 years

Overall, salt is a critical electrolyte in the human body, and our cells demand it, then subsequently threaten us with death if we don’t get it. There are many other ingredients that can put you in the fast lane for a heart explosion, but salt just isn’t one of them.

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