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Purchase a detox program and receive a free health assessment- A BIA ( bioelectric impedance Analysis ) which measures tissue and fluid compartments. This is a sophisticated computerized analysis which helps to monitor health and measure progress.

Every day we are faced with stressor which elicit the body’s “ fight” or “ flight “ response , setting off a cascade of physiological reactions from hormone deregulation , disruption in sleep cycles , mood imbalances  and pain sensitivity . But while occasional mild stress is natural and even healthy, chronic or moderate stress can affect your functional health. There are natural solutions from meditation, and yoga relaxation exercises as well as botanical and nutraceutical interventions to support stress disrupted homeostasis and promote healthy ageing. Understanding your stress responsive style will help to identify potential therapeutic targets and facilitate the selection of dietary supplements and herbs as well as other lifestyle intervention modifications.   Making healthier choices to regulate the stress response is a better alternative to pharmaceuticals drug therapies that can cause other side effects.   Identifying the symptoms of chronic stress may allow for early intervention and the avoidance of stress related disorders.

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