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2 More Scary Health Risk of Genetically Modified Foods

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We hope you didn’t think the last post contained all of the possible negative side effects of genetically modified foods, because it didn’t.

The truth is that scientists don’t really know what the long term effects of GMOs could be. Aside from that, here are two more reasons that the human race might want to stop inventing its own life forms.


1) They Can be Drenched in Pesticides.

One of the major “benefits” of growing genetically modified crops is that they contain genes that protect them from pesticides. Because of this, farmers don’t have to hold back on spraying their crops with massive amounts of pesticides. Which is good for the farmers, because you know, they have way more crops to sell.

Maybe the farmers are genetically modified to resist caring about stuff.

As you might have guessed, the bad part about this is that us consumers have to eat those pesticides. Obviously, you want to wash whatever you are going to eat. But are we certain that the things we are eating absorbed absolutely none of those pesticides?

Pesticides have been shown to cause all sorts of health problems like birth defects, reproductive damage, endocrine disruption, and even just straight up cancer.


4. The Unknown

There is a whole host of potential problems with GMOs that are difficult to quantify. Such as nutritional problems. For example, milk from cows that were injected with genetically engineered growth hormones were found producing milk with insulin-like growth factor-1, which not only sounds like they have no idea what it is, but this weird compound has been linked to breast, colon, and prostate cancers.

DNA is incredibly complex, and even the best scientists and geneticists couldn’t possibly know all of the potential interactions. It is theoretically possible that messing around with the genes of all sorts of organisms could produce a sort of ultra virus or perhaps a breed of hyper corn that will take over the world and we will have to bow to our corn overlords.

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