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HemoRush? Strategy: The Best Defense is a Good Offense

Weightlifting is war! If you want to win, you must attack the weights with furious intensity. Success in the weightroom is determined long before you crank out your first set. Research shows that when the nervous and muscular systems are primed before your workout with key performance-stimulating nutrients, size and strength gains occur much faster.

The lesson here is simple. Spike blood volume with key ergogenic ingredients to be at your mental and physical best before the workout starts. Don?t wait until half way through to start feeling good. You should be busting at the seams to hit new personal bests. Each time? every time!

HemoRush? Tactics: Patented Formula Spikes Force Production and Energy Metabolism

The rapid accumulation of neural, metabolic, and muscular fatigue is clinically documented to reduce peak power output, rate of force development, and absolute strength. Each of these qualities play a critical role in the rate at which we are able to achieve greater size, strength, and performance. HemoRush? attacks muscle performance on three fronts; energy metabolism, blood volume, and neurotransmission. The result is a heightened ability to lift, grow, and recover.

The HemoRush? Pre-Workout Power Matrix is specially designed to create a synergistic effect between all ingredients. The result is an uncompromising formula that does what no other product on the market can do:

Increase plasma nitric oxide for extreme skin-bursting pumps*
Boost energy*
Enhance mental clarity and focus*
Delay the onset of muscular fatigue*
Improve strength output via neuromuscular activation*
Promote better body composition and fat burning *

HemoRush? is a pre-workout beast designed to deliver results that will get you noticed.