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Nutrition Mythbusting – Too Much Protein is Unhealthy

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If you visit the gym regularly and eat a high-protein diet, you have probably heard before that eating an excessive amount of protein can harm your body in a few ways, such as damaging your kidneys because they have to process so much protein, or that eating so much protein will eventually cause osteoporosis. But do not fear, we are here to bust that myth with the power of science!

What many long-term studies have determined is that your body needs protein. Not only that, excess protein intake is strongly associated with improved bone health and a lower risk of fractures, not the other way around. These studies also found no correlation with kidney disease and high protein intake. In the end, eating sufficient protein actually reduces risk of kidney disease later in life. So yeah, protein not only makes your muscles strong, but also buffs up your kidneys and bones.

The bottom line – get your protein hungry muscles into Firstline Nutrition, stock up on protein products and eat them in your sleep. If anyone tells you its unhealthy, laugh in their face and tell them that their puny muscles are unhealthy, and then crush them with science and huge muscles.



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