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Nutrabolics IsoGainer Sustained Release Lean Mass Gainer 10lbs



The Lean Mass Stimulator


If you want to gain muscle without gaining fat you need to feed your body exactly what it needs to support growth. ISOGAINER is a scientifically advanced lean mass stimulator designed to catalyze precision gains in lean muscle mass.  This advanced formula hits hard with a massive 60 grams of protein per serving thanks to our signature penta-stage, triple isolate protein matrix. These protein polymers release at different speeds in your body which keeps you anabolic for up to 8 hours!


In addition to this unique protein technology, ISOGAINER™ is enriched with an advanced complex carbohydrate blend made from barley, oats, oat fiber, and glucose polymers to help support glycogen replenishment, insulin output and optimal energy levels. Unlike old school gainers made with loads of fat-storing sugar, this complex carbohydrate blend time-releases in the body, which helps keep your blood glucose and insulin levels stable. To balance out the macronutrient profile, the formula includes Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), which work to promote natural testosterone production and elcosanoid production. Eicosanoids exert control over many bodily functions, including inflammation and immunity.


ISOGAINER™ is also engineered with 2,500 mg of our Anabolic Activating Matrix. This ultra-concentrated complex contains the insulin potentiator K-R-Alpha Lipoic Acid (K-R-ALA), and Argine Ethyl Ester which helps support Nitric Oxide production. The ethyl ester molecule added to Arginine makes it less polar, allowing it pass through the intestine largely intact. The ethyl ester also protects against rapid degradation, making it more effective when combined with the other ingredients like Taurine and Glutamine Peptides which have been added for their ergogenic effects.

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