Nutrition Mythbusting – Does Diet Pop Help You Lose Weight?

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Just because the word “Diet” appears on a can of pop does not mean that if you drink it, you are technically on a diet. You would suppose that since there is actually no sugar in a can of diet pop, and you are not really ingesting any sugar, there is no way that you can gain weight by drinking diet pop. Well, it just so happens that your body is a little more complex than that, and drinking diet pop isn’t going to help you get fit or skinny in the least.



Really though, you shouldn’t be surprised that drinking a can of bubbling brown chemical slurry isn’t part of a healthy diet.

The strange thing about diet pop is that your body still thinks you are ingesting a bucket of sugar, so the biological response is exactly the same as if you drank a regular can of pop. Your body releases a major dose of insulin, and whatever food or sugar you eat from other foods will be absorbed much faster. In fact, researchers point out that this might explain why obesity has actually risen with the use of artificial sweeteners, because people assume they can drink way more pop because it says “diet” on the side.



No no, its OK, this is a diet double big mac.

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