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Many people take herbal supplements every day to help them with many different ailments. In fact, people have been using herbs for many centuries because they are a natural source given to us from the earth. The word herbal talks about the medicinal properties that are in the plants. Herbal plants are divided into two different categories, medicinal and culinary. Culinary herbs are used in cooking and baking, while medicinal herbs are used for their healing. Let’s talk about the pros and cons of taking herbal supplements.

Cons of Herbs

Hard to Validate

Herbal supplements do not qualify as a standard pharmaceutical and because of this the Food and Drug Administration does not review or approve any of the herbal supplements sold. There is not a guarantee that the herbal supplements that you take are safe by the FDA’s standards, but this does not mean they are unsafe. Choose to purchase herbal supplements from a brand that is widely known, chances are the brand has been around for many years and has its own seal of approval.

Sometimes are not Reliable

Sometimes herbal supplements can react in the opposite way when trying to use them as a substitute for pharmaceutical drugs. This most often occurs when someone with a serious medical condition stops taking the pharmaceutical and takes an herbal supplement instead; without talking to their doctor. Always check with your doctor before starting a new herbal supplement into your diet.

Pros of Herbs

Cost Effective

One awesome pro is that herbal supplements are much more affordable than some high cost pharmaceuticals. They have no need to be manufactured and are completely natural, which reduces their cost when compared to typical medicines.

Quite Effective

The effectiveness of herbal supplements are also another pro. Most are just as great as their pharmaceutical counter parts, or even better. It mostly all depends on how the herb was harvested, the soil it was in, how much light exposure it had, and the watering process.

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