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Rise & shine: easy ways to get a better night’s sleep

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Rise & shine: easy ways to get a better night’s sleep

Truth be told, I’ve never wanted to sleep like a baby. It seems to me that their sleep is restless and constantly disrupted. That’s already how I sleep now.

I want to sleep like a growing teenage boy: so deeply and soundly that pretty much nothing but the loudest alarm could rouse me from slumber. Unfortunately, this stage doesn’t last long, with nearly half of all adults and older adults experiencing insomnia.

That’s a big problem, because sleep isn’t only essential for feeling rested. It’s also crucial to our overall best health. Sleep regulates brain function, decreases our risk of disease, and keeps our immunity engine revved. It’s also essential for maintaining a healthy weight.

So how much sleep do we actually need? Adults should be getting at least seven hours, and older adults need closer to nine. Every night.

If you’re not slumbering soundly through the night, Firstline Nutrition can help. We carry a huge selection of supportive supplements to encourage better sleep. Here are some of our favourites, along with a few extra tips so you’ll sleep tight every night.


Melatonin is a hormone that we naturally produce in response to dark, so its levels are usually boosted in the evening. It helps us to settle into a good sleep and maintains our circadian rhythm, or 24-hour internal clock.

As we age, we produce less melatonin. Taking an evening supplement will help promote a quiet wakefulness to prepare your body for sleep. It’s particularly good if you’re not always going to bed at the same time, like after a long flight or if you do shift work. 

We carry several varieties of melatonin, but a good place to start is with the convenience of Douglas Laboratories 3mg sublingual melatonin. It’s easily absorbed by the mucous membranes under your tongue to deliver a quick, effective sleep aid before bedtime.

Valerian root

This herbal remedy has been shown to improve sleep quality without side effects. There’s evidence that it can reduce the time it takes to fall asleep and also help you stay asleep longer.

Valerian root has a gentle sedative effect that reduces anxiety and promotes calm, making it a good choice if you’re experiencing stress-related insomnia. 

Pure Encapsulations Best-Rest Formula combines the power of valerian root with herbal ingredients like chamomile to encourage restful sleep. It also blends in melatonin and other supportive supplements so you’ll be off to dreamland in no time.


Magnesium is essential for overall health. It helps with muscle and nerve function and is required for energy production. 

It’s also a natural relaxant, and there’s evidence it can help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake less often. If you suffer from restless leg syndrome, this is a great choice to ease symptoms.

It’s important to choose the right form of magnesium if you’re looking to maximize its sleep benefits. Magnesium glycinate or citrate can treat sleep disorders most effectively, but talk to us about how to get the dosage right.

An easy way to incorporate a nightly dose of magnesium glycinate is with Genestra Brands’ Magnesium Glycinate Liquid. It has a pleasant apple-pomegranate flavour that conveniently delivers a potent dose of this natural relaxant. 

Ace the Zzz

There are lots of ways you can promote a better night’s sleep. Set yourself up for success by creating a relaxing bedroom environment that’s clean and quiet. Your body temperature drops during sleep, so adjust your thermostat to keep your house cooler overnight.

It’s also helpful to limit stimulants like caffeine, especially in the afternoon and evening. And while regular exercise is great for sleeping soundly, it’s best avoided right before bed.

Since melatonin production is naturally elevated in darker environments, turn your lights down and cut out screen-related blue light exposure late in the day. 

You’ll also benefit from a regular bedtime routine. This means going to sleep and waking up at the same time every day (yes, even on weekends!) and incorporating a relaxing activity like reading a book before you drift off. 

Still can’t sleep? Firstline Nutrition will set you up with a supplement plan to help you sleep through the night (which is more than we can say for any babies we know). There’s an old Irish proverb that a good laugh and a long sleep are the best medicine. Come visit us today for a healthy dose of both.

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