• One of the World’s Highest Ranked Pre-workouts
  • Unmatched in Delivering Tunnel Vision Focus
  • A Skin-splitting Nitric Oxide Enhancer
  • A Potent Muscular Endurance Booster
  • One of the Only Products of Its Kind, With Clinically-studied Doses for a Maximum Strength Pre-workout Experience!


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Unleash your inner Kraken at the gym with one of the most well-received pre-workouts the world has ever seen!

Sparta Nutrition’s Kraken is an industry-leading pre-workout supplement that was specifically formulated to energize your training, deliver laser-like focus, drive muscular endurance, and give you explosive lifts via increased nitric oxide production. Kraken is the only stimulant-based pre-workout supplement you will ever need.

Featuring a carefully crafted blend of high-quality ingredients, Kraken set the industry bar for pre-workout supplements, and nobody has even come close to matching it.

About Sparta Nutrition
Sparta offers great pre-workouts. Their mission is to provide "efficaciously" dosed products that help you achieve your goals – from fat loss to muscle building and everything in between. Reading between the lines of that mission statement we can see they are dealing with powerful supplements. We love their pre-workouts.