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Here comes the holiday bloat

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Holiday parties are here! After a couple of years of pandemic-related restrictions, we’re all looking forward to letting loose.

However, overindulging at holiday events can leave you feeling sluggish and tired. Alcohol consumption also contributes to headaches, nausea, and fatigue. To head into the new year feeling good about your health resolutions, it’s a good idea to avoid using the holidays as an excuse for overconsumption. 

At Firstline Nutrition, we’re here to support all of your health needs. If your calendar is already booking up with holiday parties, we have a few tips to help you avoid getting too far off track. But don’t worry – we also have you covered with supportive supplements for when your night out doesn’t go exactly as planned!

Maintain your routines

The best thing you can do for yourself during the holidays is stay committed to your regular healthy routines. Consuming lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats will keep you satiated and energized as well as giving your immune system a boost.

We’re often tempted to skip meals ahead of a gathering but this usually contributes to overeating. Skipping meals can also cause blood sugar fluctuations that leave you feeling unwell or irritable. It’s better to stick to your normal meal routines or choose lighter, fresher fare to fill you up before hitting a buffet. 

Stick to your exercise routines as well. Exercising is not only a great way to beat holiday weight gain, but it can reduce your stress levels and improve sleep as well.

Enjoy in moderation

Holiday gatherings are often centred around food and drink, and it’s reasonable to want to enjoy some of these treats with family and friends. You can include holiday foods in a healthy eating plan if you’re mindful about what you’re eating.

Eat slowly and make sure that you’re taking the time to savour indulgent foods. Remember that it can take your body about twenty minutes to feel full, so slowing down lets you feel satiated without overeating.

If you’re at a buffet, fill your plate with lean, healthy choices, taking smaller portions of your favourite richer foods. Avoid or limit alcohol, which can lead you to eat more than you would otherwise, as well as contribute to symptoms of a hangover the next day.

Stock up on supplements

Even with these tips in mind, it can be hard to stay on track over the holidays. If you overindulge, it’s important to get back on track as soon as possible.

Firstline Nutrition is stocked with supplements that can help you feel good these holidays. Start by adding a green powder to your daily routine. These supplements contain high levels of superfoods, fibre, and probiotics. They’re a great way to make up for deficiencies if you’ve veered off your regular diet. 

Magnesium is another supplement that can be very beneficial this time of year. It boosts energy and metabolism and helps to stabilize blood sugar. It’s also a relaxant, so adding a magnesium supplement at bedtime is an easy way to help you settle down after a night out.

When you overindulge, your liver has to work harder to process fatty foods and alcohol. Restore your balance with liver-supportive supplements like milk thistle. It improves bile production and helps remove toxins. Tumeral is also known to improve overall liver function, while glutathione is a protein that’s helpful in your body’s natural detoxification process.

If you’re suffering from the effects of a hangover, it may be caused by a deficiency in B vitamins. Taking a full-spectrum vitamin B supplement can help your liver process and metabolize alcohol to combat headaches and other symptoms. It will also support good mental health and boost your immune system. 

We also carry a variety of teas to soothe tummy troubles. Select from ginger, peppermint, fennel, or digestive blends to help combat bloat. Lemon water works as a natural tonic to boost production of hydrochloric acid and bile and flush toxins from your liver.

Be kind to yourself these holidays

It’s okay to overindulge occasionally, but stay committed to your healthy routines as much as possible to avoid feeling bloated and sluggish. Come visit us in Edmonton’s central core and we’ll get you holiday-ready with supportive supplements and everything you need to make all of your new year’s resolutions a success.

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