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3 “Health” Products That Are Secretly Unhealthy

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There is an incredibly variety of health foods on the market today. Of course, all of these products appear to be healthy, but figuring out which ones are actually good for your body is another matter entirely.

1) Vitamin Water

When you first see a bottle of Vitamin water, you immediately assume that it is going to be the healthiest thing you ever drank. You pick up the bottle, read the ingredients, and you are amazed at how many vitamins and minerals they managed to get in there. But then you see how much sugar they threw in there.

The Vitamin water contains more sugar than a full-sized chocolate bar. Vitamin water contains about 32.5 grams of sugar, that’s only slightly less than a full can of coke (39 grams).

2) Chewable Vitamin-C Tablets

Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking vitamins or vitamin-C. Vitamin-C is healthy, and you should continue taking it. That being said, we hope you are not buying the chew-able version. Vitamin-C is an acid, and when you munch on a chew-able vitamin C pill, you are chewing on a concentrated tablet of acid. This will cause unnecessary damage to your teeth.

 3) Bran Muffins

Most people assume that a bran muffin is a healthy option for a quick breakfast.

Have you ever wondered why a bran muffin actually tastes pretty good? That’s because its not healthy at all. You are much better off eating pure bran.

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