Nutrabolics Advanced Mass Building Gainer


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Advanced Mass Building Gainer


When it comes to forcing your physique to unreal proportions, absolutely nothing compares to the evolved, size-defying science in every 16lb bag of Nutrabolics’ revolutionary new MASS FUSION™ formula.  Tirelessly researched and designed to outweigh the competition, every ingredient found in MASS FUSION™ is precisely formulated to help drive up the scale – and your lean muscle gains.


Based on an innovative five-stage sustained release amino acid enhanced protein matrix, the core blend of compounds in every 950 calorie serving of MASS FUSION ™ works synergistically to engulf every facet of your anabolic machinery and throw it into overdrive.  This super dense blend includes a mega-dosage of powerful muscle-building amino acids, fast-absorbing hydrolyzed and fractionated Waxy Maize carbs, and our signature SUPERFATS™ lipid complex.  These elements will keep you anabolic for hours and are designed to provide support in blasting up to your target size.


Whether you’re a hard gainer or simply looking to take your physique to previously uncharted territory, increases in muscle size are virtually limitless with MASS FUSION™.


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