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There are lots of berries that taste great and they can definitely be a part of a great diet. But there is one berry in particular that can also be a part of your diet, and it can help you in a way you might not have thought was possible.

This berry isn’t called the miracle berry because its amazingly delicious, its called the miracle berry because it can change the way your body perceives taste.

The magic juices inside the miracle berry binds to your sweet tasting buds on your tongue, and everything that would normally taste sour or bitter, now tastes ultra-sweet. Conversely, the reaction also causes sweet food items to taste like nothing. Supposedly, making everything that makes you fat taste like nothing, and everything that makes you skinny taste amazing.

The secret to the miracle berries’ power has been discovered, and there is a movement to make it publicly available. But FDA regulations made in the 70’s call the berry a food additive, and all commercial operations were undone, and some say the laws came into place due to pressure from the sugar industry.

The miracle berry has been to Toronto, and some people are attempting to set up a berry distribution line there. Check it out, and maybe your next soft drink could be water with pure lemon juice. It would be perfectly healthy, and taste great.

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