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Fueling your workouts with pre and post workout drinks.

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It is important to feel great while you are working out, not tired or unenergetic. A good way to ensure that you are getting the most out of your workout, and maintain your stamina is to have pre and/or post workout drinks.

Many people believe that you should work out on an empty stomach – and if you’ve tried it before you’ll probably understand that it’s not really a great idea, especially if you’re trying to gain strength and muscle. You will burn more calories on an empty stomach, but sometimes the fuel you need to burn those calories can come from your muscles. This is something we want to avoid very much. By drinking a pre workout drink, you can be fueled by that rather than stealing energy from your muscles.

But, there can also be a disadvantage to eating too much before you exercise – so be sure that you are giving your body the right amount of energy. Many people claim that if they eat or drink too much they suffer from painful cramps while working out – usually meaning that they have to stop their workout  session altogether. The solution to eating too little or eating too much is to stick with a liquid for fast absorption into the body. Try drinking a 100% natural fruit juice with a protein powder mixed in – this will give you a perfect ratio of protein and carbohydrates and help you get through your workout without cramps or muscle loss.

When you’re done your workout however, the battle is not over! It is important to replenish your body of the energy that was  lost during your session. Your recovery time will be faster if you always remember to give your body what it needs. Post workout drinks should be liquid too, to quickly deliver the sustenance to your body. Juice or energy drinks are sometimes a good option, as well as meal replacement drinks. They will provide your body with the calories and nutrients that you need.
It doesn’t matter if you are trying to lose weight or gain muscle, it is always important to make sure your body is properly fueled for your workout.

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