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Food of the Future – Cotton Candy Grapes

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People have been reinventing food for a hundred years, but it wasn’t until now that humans can use all sorts of advanced science to modify certain food items to taste like other, better tasting food items. In comes the Cotton Candy Grape.

A fruit breeder and geneticist David Cain has developed just that – a grape that tastes like cotton candy. Yes, the grape has a higher sugar content, and yes its not healthy in the least, but hey, kids might actually eat the thing.

David Cain spent many years and crossed many grapes across hundreds of traits to come up with this gem of a grape. This isn’t a genetically modified grape that was crossed with a bag of cotton candy from some carnival – this grape was bred into existence, much like yourself. It isn’t from the wild nature, but its not technically a GMO product either. It finds itself right in the sweet spot – not scaring anyone away because it was grown in a lab, yet delicious enough to cost about $6 a pound, while normal grapes sit at about 88 cents a pound.

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