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Naturopathic Products – Recommended by Health Care Practitioners

For Daily Maintenance

The combination of Zinc, and Japanese Mushrooms such as cordceps and vitamin C help support immune function.


UltraFlora Health Defense
Helps support gastrointestinal health.ChildrenHMF Fit for School


Ultraflora for Children


Pediavite by Genestra

For Acute Conditions

For Coughs

Alpenkraft or Apenkraft lozenges by Salus

This traditional cough syrup contains pure essential oils . known for their anti-microbial effects . The result is effective relief for coughs and colds . Alpencraft is a german work meaning “stregnth” from the mountains . Its pleasant tasting ingredients reflect the unusual potency of plants grown in a raw , unadulterated climate . Aniseed , fennel , peppermint , eucalyptus and wild mountain pine help to fight against bacteria and break up mucous in the throat and lungs.

For Sore Throats

Zinc Drink

Zinc influences Immune Function. Zinc as a liquid drink by Metagenics is more effective for the mucous membranes of the throat in comparison to capsules or pills that have to be broken down to be absorbed.

For Runny Nose and Nasal Sinus

Metagenics Nazonal
A combination of herbs used in Traditional Chinese Medicine


Metagenics Essential Defense
Traditionally used in herbal medicine to support a healthy immune function.

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