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Nutrition Mythbusting – The Food Pyramid

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This nutrition myth is about the classic food pyramid that everyone has seen at some point in their lives. You know the one, it has different food groups that are stacked in a sort of nutrition hierarchy to represent their importance of each food group in your diet.

The food pyramid was engineered by the USDA, and everyone blindly accepted it as true because it came in an official looking graphic. Oh look! Here it is now.

This thing was posted all over your doctor’s offices and at schools, but the reason why goes much deeper than informing you how many slices of bread you should eat everyday.For many years, the Food Pyramid ruled over kid’s lunches and cafeteria menus, but where is it now?

The reality is that the food pyramid wasn’t built on scientific evidence or research, it was all about which lobbyists threw more money at trying to get their particular food product moved to a better spot on the pyramid.

According to the outdated, profit-inspired food pyramid, fat is just plain bad, and we should “use sparingly”. However, there is more than one type of fat, and the food pyramid makes no distinctions. Aside from that, how about the solid 11 servings of bread per day? Also, potatoes are included with vegetables, so you could eat, according to the pyramid, 16 servings of what is basically pure starch every day.


Or, you can save time by eating a 3lb bag of raw starch


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