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Delicious Protein Delicious Chocolate


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Giant Sports Delicious Protein is the perfect blend of top quality ingredients, excellent macros and incredible taste.
Give your body the protein it needs and enjoy every sip!
With 27 GRAMS OF PROTEIN per serving, only 4 GRAMS OF CARBS and 2 GRAMS OF FAT, Giant Sports Delicious Protein is NOT some high carbohydrate meal replacement product masquerading as a protein powder.
At Giant Sports, our mission is to put you, the athlete, first. That means more protein, less carbs and less fat.
This is not just a superior quality protein powder.Giant Sports Delicious Protein represents a quantum leap in advanced flavor technology and the new benchmark for just how amazing a protein powder can taste; combining a superior macro nutrient profile with what may be the most incredibly rich, delicious and satisfying taste in the history of protein. How can something this high in protein and this low in carbs and fat taste so delicious?
Only superior and refined palates with a wealth of experience in formulating and flavoring sports nutrition supplements could conceive and execute a protein powder this great. From the team who brought you so many great products you already know and love comes the pinnacle of protein powders, Giant Sports Delicious Protein. Get ready to experience ?THE NEW STANDARD? in taste and texture: the only product that is worthy of the name ?Delicious Protein?.
Get ready to ?Experience Deliciosity.?
Get ready to love your protein shake…every single time!
Get ready for Giant Sports Delicious Protein.