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Premium 8-hour Sustained-release Protein

  • Supports Muscle Growth
  • Sustained-release Protein
  • Amazing Taste
  • Maximize Lean Muscle Mass

Serving Size 1 Scoop (31 g)


ISOBOLIC® contains four different protein sources: 100% whey protein isolate, milk protein isolate, whey protein concentrate and micellar casein. Each of these powerful protein sources are absorbed by your body at a different rate, allowing you to avoid slipping into a catabolic state and losing muscle mass. By consuming all four protein sources, you get a continuous elevation in protein synthesis for up to eight hours. This protein combination also delivers the perfect amino acid spectrum needed to build more muscle.

ISOBOLIC® has been engineered with a healthy fats matrix including conjugated linoleic acids (CLAs) and essential fatty acids (EFAs) from flaxseed oil powder. This combination helps support muscle growth and spares the use of proteins for energy while promoting natural fat-burning processes in your body. ISOBOLIC® is also ultra-low in carbs, sugar and saturated fat so you can stay lean while building muscle.

No Amino Spiking

ISOBOLIC® is manufactured in a government-inspected manufacturing facility to ensure maximum quality you can trust. The formula contains only whole protein sources with no added amino acids—just pure protein with zero amino spiking. What’s on the label is what’s inside every bottle.

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