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Red, White & Boom

Red, White and Boom actually delivers quite the experience, with a smooth, but powerful combination of energy, focus, endurance, and a bit of pump.


The biggest highlights of the new Red, White and Boom for us is the intensity of the energy and focus. ‘Merica Labz did say it “gives you even more focus”, and that couldn’t be truer. Instead of gradually coming over you like the original, the reformulated pre-workout kicks in a bit harder and makes for a strong start to your workout.

It is the energy that is felt the most, but once you get into the gym and get working, you will notice that improved mental focus and drive a lot better. The two stimulating effects work incredibly well together and best of all they don’t really fade. On all of the occasions we tried Red, White and Boom, it sustained a good level of energy and focus from start to finish, keeping you energized and focused on the task at hand.

On top of the energy and focus, ‘Merica Labz new Red, White & Boom does also provide a noticeable performance and endurance improvement. When pushing through those typically more exhausting sets, it’s hard not to notice a bit more comfort and controlled ability to push for another rep or two. The effect plays in nicely with the energy and focus, creating a sometimes unstoppable and very enjoyable feeling.

Additional information

Weight 1.06 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 16.5 cm


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