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Nutrition Mythbusting – Lots of Red Meat is Bad For You

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We have all heard this myth before. Eating an excessive amount of red meat will kill you sooner than swimming in a pool of starving alligators.

There are an incredible amount of studies that prove eating nothing but red meat will make your heart explode. But, what many of those studies did not take into consideration is what type of red meat people are eating.

See, the inuit and other native peoples eat red meat their entire lives. Red meat for breakfast, red meat for lunch, red meat for dinner; they even have a red meat “ice cream” called Akutaq, which is made from ground up fish and frozen moose. Yet, these are some of the healthiest people on the planet.

But when we compare the health statistics with the red-meat eating city-dwelling westerners, we find a huge difference. Westerners are way more likely to be overweight and die earlier from a heart attack. Like we mentioned, it is of critical importance what type of red meat you are eating. More specifically, whether or not the meat is processed or unprocessed.

Processed meats have many additives that cause all sorts of problems for your body, but a slab of unprocessed steak has only well, steak in it. So the next time you are about to cut into a juicy steak and someone is getting on your case about eating healthy, tell them you are eating just like the Inuit do, and you will easily live to be over 100 years old.


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