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Why Keto Works

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Keto diet

Maybe you’ve spent years struggling to lose weight, trying diet after diet, or maybe you’ve already discovered Keto and are finally free of yo-yoing. Either way, there’s a good reason to stick with Keto—it works.

As experts in the enormous health supplement industry, we know a good thing when we see it. We’re committed to helping our clients reach their goals, which is why we’ve become Edmonton’s choice for everything Keto.

If you’re ready to lose weight or want the best selection of Keto products in Edmonton, Firstline Nutrition is your source for everything you need to look and feel great. Shed those stubborn pounds using the Keto diet and stay fueled with our wide selection of Keto-friendly products that will support your path towards a healthier and leaner physique.

How Keto Works

The Keto diet restricts foods that are higher in carbohydrates. This causes your body to burn fat for energy instead, resulting in maximum fat loss. 

It works because as your body runs out of glucose from the carbs you were consuming, it has to burn off your fat stores instead, and you lose weight. It’s an easy and straightforward way to coax your body into maximum weight loss.

There are several variations of the Keto diet, like a high-protein version or cyclical and targeted options that are best suited for bodybuilders or athletes. What they all have in common though is a focus on reduced carbohydrate consumption in favour of eating more fat (and sometimes protein). This has the effect of reducing blood sugar and insulin, and shifting our metabolic processes to focus on fat burning. 

Health Benefits

In addition to weight loss, the Keto diet has been shown to be beneficial for a number of other health conditions. Healthline reports that the Keto diet lowers risk factors for diseases, and may have positive implications for diabetes, cancer, epilepsy, and Alzheimer’s disease. 

But its most popular application—which is becoming increasingly widespread—is for weight loss. The plan’s simplicity makes it easy to follow, while the huge number of Keto-supportive products entering the market make it easy to stick with. Drop by Firstline Nutrition, and no doubt you’ll be amazed by our enormous assortment of Keto-friendly products! 

What to Eat

The Keto diet is a reduced carbohydrate plan. It recommends sticking to low carb foods like fish and poultry, cheese, avocados, eggs, nuts, seeds, oils, Greek yogurt, butter, and cottage cheese. You’ll also be able to enjoy low carb vegetables and fruit, like broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, green beans, and berries. Don’t worry—unsweetened coffee or tea and dark chocolate make the cut. What doesn’t though, are foods like grains, starchy vegetables, juices, syrups, and baked goods. These should be significantly reduced or eliminated entirely. 

But here’s the great news—the market for Keto-friendly products is exploding, and we’re a one-stop-shop for everything you need to support your Keto success. From shakes to bars and everything in between, Firstline Nutrition carries a delicious assortment of snacks, meal replacements, and supplements that will keep you satisfied. 

What You’ll Gain

You have nothing to lose but weight—but the gains are huge. Here’s why we at Firstline Nutrition think that a Keto diet is an ideal way to promote fat loss and boost your overall health:

  • You’ll burn fat as fuel. By significantly reducing your carbohydrate intake, your stores of glycogen will be depleted, which means your body will turn to using stored fat for energy instead. You’ll benefit from these efficient and sustained fat-burning processes, and finally meet your weight loss goals.
  • Your appetite will be suppressed. Although you’ll have to cut out high carbohydrate foods, you won’t have to compromise feeling satiated! In addition to a wide variety of low carb foods and the many Keto-friendly choices we carry in store, your appetite will also be naturally suppressed. Healthy fats and a moderate protein intake will keep you feeling full, and you’ll experience reduced cravings and no desire to overeat.
  • Your blood sugar will be stabilized. The low carb nature of the Keto diet regulates your blood sugar level, so you won’t experience those unpleasant spikes and crashes that can lead to increased hunger that makes you reach for unhealthy food choices. 

The Keto diet effectively taps into fat stores for energy, promoting steady and sustainable fat loss. Because it includes ample protein, you’ll preserve your lean muscle mass, even during weight loss. And you’ll likely also benefit from increased energy levels and improved mental clarity.

Your Partner in Keto Success

The struggle is over. If you’ve been looking for a way to start or accelerate your weight loss, drop by Firstline Nutrition. We have everything you need to get started on this program, with a wide variety of appetizing treats to keep you motivated and high quality supplements like MCT oil to help you reach your goals even faster.

If you’re ready for long term weight loss results, our knowledgeable staff is here to provide you with expert guidance and answer any questions you have about the Keto diet. With our support and a wide selection of Keto products, Firstline Nutrition will make your weight loss journey both successful and enjoyable. Let’s get started today.

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