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Food of the Future – Food Printers

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There is a reason why fast food franchises and frozen meals are popular in society – they are relatively cheap, but more importantly, they demand practically no experience, effort, or time.

As far as the food industry has come in the development of quick and easy meals, food scientists are working hard to develop a food that is even faster and easier to make. In comes the food printer.

If you have ever dreamed of the days that the Star Trek  food synthesizer/teleporter thing would become a reality, your dreams are slowly coming true. The only difference is the food that comes out of the food printer is not nearly as pretty, and it is probably less delicious than it looks.

printed food

And it looks like dog treats.

The food printer was originally designed to provide astronauts with better food. But now they are developing it so that it could be used by regular people who are still attached to the earth via gravity.

The “Food Cartridges” supposedly have a 30 year lifespan. We’re not sure how they could possibly preserve food stuff that long, but that is pretty impressive.

Enjoy your food-like objects!

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