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2 Disturbing Things Supermarkets Are Doing To Your Food

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Here at Firstline Nutrition, we know that the best fitness has a lot to do with exercise and determination, but half of the battle is having a good diet.  What’s more, supermarkets aren’t making things easier for you when they go ahead and do things like…

1) Recycle Food Products

As you walk up and down your local food library, selecting which box of goodies will become the next victim of your digestive system, have you ever considered where all the expired food goes if nobody buys it? How do you suppose food suppliers get compensated for all that wasted product? Well, they do what any reputable food supplier would do – mash it up, add a few things, and call it new.

 No we aren’t making this up. The procedure is officially called “Food Reconditioning”, which is just a fancy way of saying they put expired food in a different box. Don’t worry, the FDA legislation demands that all food reconditioning involves the “removal of all contaminants” before repackaging. So you have nothing to worry about. We are sure they took very special care to remove all of the maggots from the steak before trying to sell it back to you.It’s too bad they don’t make it law that food suppliers have to indicate on the package that the product is recycled.

2) Changing the Expiration Date

This one doesn’t sound nearly as bad as food recycling, but let us assure you its still pretty repulsive. This one doesn’t need all that much explanation – if the sticker on a food product is indicating that the food is coming closer the end of its life, they just slap another sticker on there and call it good

This is a completely legal procedure officially known as “Changing the expiry date so people will still buy old food”. The practice is relatively safe, but we have to ask, how ethical is it? They aren’t specifically lying to you about how old the food is, they are just making it more obscure. So the next time you are stocking up on grub, make sure to check if there is more than one expiration sticker on there. You’re not going to die, but you might find that your yogurt tastes a little more like feet than yogurt.

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