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A Canadian Winter Essential: Why Vitamin D is Essential for Health

A Canadian Winter Essential: Why Vitamin D is Essential for Health

If you’re like many of us, you might find that the dark is getting to you. It happens every year, when clocks change and sunshine hours dwindle. But what you may not realize is that the scarcity of sunlight during the winter months can do more than make you feel tired at the end of […]

13 Tips to Transition Your Nutritional Supplements for Fall

Thanksgiving has come and gone—and hopefully the post-meal bloat has, too! Summer has given way to the cozy ambiance of fall colours, making it the perfect time to start thinking about the season ahead. It’s important to transition your nutritional supplement routine to support your health and well-being during the colder months. Changing seasons come […]

Savour the Flavours of Fall!

The leaves are changing and cooler weather is blowing in. That’s great news for health enthusiasts, because fall brings with it a bounty of delicious seasonal foods that can actually support your weight loss efforts.  This month, we’re talking fall harvest, and reminding you that Firstline Nutrition is here to support all of your fall […]

Protein powder: Your secret weapon for weight loss

Protein powder: Your secret weapon for weight loss

Looking to boost your weight loss efforts? One easy way is by adding protein powder to your routine. This simple change can have a big impact. Protein powder is emerging as a potent ally in the quest for weight loss. It offers a myriad of scientifically proven benefits, making it a staple for anyone seeking […]

Why Keto Works

Keto diet

Maybe you’ve spent years struggling to lose weight, trying diet after diet, or maybe you’ve already discovered Keto and are finally free of yo-yoing. Either way, there’s a good reason to stick with Keto—it works. As experts in the enormous health supplement industry, we know a good thing when we see it. We’re committed to […]

Embrace the great outdoors

At Firstline Nutrition, our goal is to support you in achieving your best health, with professional advice and high quality supplements for everyone in your family. In addition to a supplement regimen and a healthy diet, we also recommend regular exercise to help you maintain vibrant health and optimal weight.  We know how busy life […]

The Unsettling Reality of Wildfire Smoke: How to Protect Yourself

Recently, the Edmonton area was heavily impacted by wildfires and the resulting smoke. As the skies turned hazy and the smell of fire lingered in the air, most of us felt quite uncertain and vulnerable. While these feelings are natural, don’t let fear overwhelm you. There are a number of things you can do to […]

Making weight loss easy with carb blockers

Carbohydrates are tricky business when it comes to weight loss. Sure, that slab of warm, buttered bread tastes great in the moment, but chances are that you’ll regret it later. That’s because too many carbohydrates wreak havoc with our glucose and insulin levels, causing blood sugar imbalances that leave us feeling hungry and cranky.  Diets […]

Stay fuelled for all your spring runs

If that first spring breeze has you lacing up your runners to hit the trails, we know how you feel. We’ve been itching to get back to regular outdoor exercise ourselves. But as you increase your mileage, it’s important that you support your body to stay healthy and achieve your goals.  Firstline Nutrition in Edmonton […]

March is Nutrition Month – celebrate by getting on track.

Frozen pizza, fast food, and late night snacking can feel comforting, but it won’t be enough to meet your body’s need for nutrients, and it can take the place of healthy choices. March is Nutrition Month in Canada, making it an ideal time to refocus on healthy eating. At Firstline Nutrition, helping you achieve optimal […]

Rise & shine: easy ways to get a better night’s sleep

Rise & shine: easy ways to get a better night’s sleep

Truth be told, I’ve never wanted to sleep like a baby. It seems to me that their sleep is restless and constantly disrupted. That’s already how I sleep now. I want to sleep like a growing teenage boy: so deeply and soundly that pretty much nothing but the loudest alarm could rouse me from slumber. […]

Happy, healthy new year: why extreme diets don’t work, and what does

The new year is a popular time for making resolutions, and fitness and health-related ones are the most common. Unfortunately, most people don’t stick to their resolutions, abandoning them after as little as a month.  General dieting resolutions are some of the hardest to keep. Often, they’re too drastic, leading to side effects that are […]