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Just because summer is gone doesn’t mean it’s time to get lazy! Fall is the perfect time to start up or reinforce a fitness routine! This post will focus on some tips to keep you active this fall season.

Enjoy the fall weather and get active outside:
Sure it’s a bit chilly – but it’s beautiful too! Don’t spend all your time exercising inside when you can utilise Edmonton’s great terrain for your workouts. Take a brisk walk in the River Valley or play some football with your friends and family in one of the city’s many great parks (some allow dogs too so don’t forget your furry friends!) Remember to dress in layers so that you can adjust to the temperature changes. Think about getting up earlier in the morning and taking advantage of some early morning light.

Plan Ahead:
Always keep your packed gym bag in your car, or look into renting a locker at the gym you visit. It’s a great idea to always be prepared for a spur of the moment workout!

Keep moving while you wait:
Do you take your kids to soccer practice, dance class, or any other type of practice or meeting? Rather than sitting on the sidelines and reading a book, or killing time by going to a coffee shop, get active! Go for walk around the field, do some jumping jacks or pushups beside the bleachers, or see if you can volunteer to help with some exercises for your child’s team. Not only will you burn calories but you’ll strengthen the bond with your family!

Set goals and team up with family members or friends:
It’s always good to have someone keeping you in check! This will help you build your relationships and get fit at the same time. Keep your inspiration up and help inspire others at the same time! Feels great!

Start a 30-day fitness plan – try something new!
Take a month to be adventurous! Think outside the box and step outside your comfort zone! Join an outdoor bootcamp in the mornings, or take that zumba class you’ve been scared to try. Or, chill out after stressful days at work with some drop-in yoga.

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