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Our People

The Practitioners:

Pauline R Rai – Registered Homeopath & Functional Medicine Nutritionist.

D.Hom., R.Hom., FLT, HCP.

Pauline is a second generation Registered Homeopath, graduating from the British Institute of Homeopathy in Ottawa, Canada in September 1998, First-line Therapist-Nutritionist, Health Care Practitioner. Pauline’s approach to Health care and disease is very different from the reductionist model of modern medicine. Instead of chasing symptoms and offering band-aid solutions, she looks for more telling signs that incorporates the sum of all parts. Biological regulatory medicine is the focus of building ones immune system where the therapeutic methods are orientated to the individual’s unique life stressors and patterns of disharmony. Healing methods are designed for the body’s capability to regulate, regenerate, adapt and self-heal. This is achieved through the unique combination of ancient health wisdom – Homeopathy, Ayurveda, herbs and nutritional supplementation together with current scientific health assessment tools to determine how to support and strengthen the vital force so the body is able to restore its balance and improve overall immune system function.

Dr Richard Mandel – Clinic Advisor for First Line Nutrition

Richard graduated from Loyola University Chicago and Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine. He completed his Podiatric Orthopedic Residency at Madison VA Hospital and trained in surgery and biomechanics of the lower limbs. Dr Richard Mandel currently works at the Foot Institute in Edmonton. In his free time, Richard enjoys a bodybuilding lifestyle.

Alyssa Schmidt – Neurotherapist, AFLCA fitness leader

We never know what life is going to throw at us. New situations test our limits and places greater demand on our mind and body. This takes a specific level of arousal which a healthy brain can adjust to. However, sometimes we just can’t keep up with life’s stressors, our brains become dysregulated and are unable to fulfill this role. Our brain is the control centre of our entire body. When our brains are not functioning appropriately one can expect to have global dysfunction. That is, other systems besides our nervous system are impacted including immune, gastrointestinal, endocrine and cardiovascular. Alyssa believes that a good start to self-healing is regulating our control centre. Alyssa provides neurofeedback services to help her clients learn to stabilize their brains through self-regulation using EEG biofeedback. Clients will also be taught biofeedback strategies they can utilize at home to better regulate themselves. Neurofeedback is beneficial to athletes in helping them reach peak performance and cope with the stressors of being an athlete. Alyssa has a background in sports and understands the demands placed on athletes and the stress it creates in the body. Alyssa has been involved in competitive sports and training since she was a child, and has herself endured injuries and stress related deterioration. She has begun helping others take a safer and healthy approach to training as a fitness leader. Alyssa aims to help her clients take control of their bodies and improve their well-being. Neurofeedback is beneficial for anyone struggling with life’s demands.

Coach Shawn – Personal Trainer

Coach Shawn is new to the team here at first line nutrition and will now be offering both personal training and private coaching in Boxing and Muay-Thai kickboxing. Sessions can be geared from everything to weight loss/ management all the way to fighter training. Coach Shawn is a certified personal trainer who has an exercise science diploma, and minored in Kinesiology at the University of Lethbridge. Shawn is also a professional MMA fighter and has extensive experience in both Muay-thai and Kickboxing. for more information or to book your session don’t hesitate to call.

Xiaoqin Feng – Nutrition and Food Science Student

My name is Xiaoqin Feng. I am a third year undergrad student studying Nutrition and Food Science at University of Alberta. My interest in health and wellness had driven me to choose the Nutrition and Food Major and Physical Activity Minor. I believe these two aspects, nutrition and physical activity, play an important role in promoting a healthy life . From living 18 years in Shanghai, China, I have personally experienced multiple times the wonder that alternative medicine can bring to healing our bodies.. A rising numbers of literature as well as research studies have been focusing on the efficacy of phytochemicals, functional foods, and herbal medicines which are drawing important conclusions for providing natural therapeutic benefits in comparison to western medicine. I believe that as more attention and investment is being put into the study of alternative medicine, the more comprehensive and convincible conclusions will be made. Systematic methodologies and precise study designs will be the key to discover their true values. Xiaoqin works at Firstline Nutrition as a Junior Nutritionist on the weekends from Friday to Sunday.