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Isolate Protein Vicious Vanilla


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100% Cold Filtered Whey Isolate
24,000 mg Rapid Amino Acid Delivery
Most Biologically Available Whey on the market
1% Carbs, No Fats, No Lactose
High in Immunoglobins, Lactoferrins, Glycomacropeptides and other Biofractions
24g of the Purest Protein Matrix
BCAAs Lean Mass Activators
Absolutely No Fillers what so ever
Easy Mixing and Great Tasting Protein is an essential nutrient for cell maintenance, restoration and repair, and the proper regulation of a wide variety of bodily functions. For athletes, bodybuilders and active individuals the importance of consuming a diet high in protein cannot be overstated. Goliath Labs understands exactly what it takes to achieve radical physique transformation and discover the highest levels of physical performance.

This is precisely the reason behind the genesis of ISOLATE, the finest, no-nonsense 100% Whey Isolate powder available anywhere! Only the purest ingredients and most beneficial extraction processes were utilized in the creation of this product, giving you a premium quality, undenatured, whey isolate full of protein bio-fractions for optimal immune support, muscle growth, and physical recovery

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  1. Amazon Verified Purchase() This review is from: 1) PURITY: It has one indnegiert, whey protein isolate. May the perfectionist in you rejoice! 2) SOLUBILITY: It dissolves super easy. A 3-second whiz in the blender is enough, or about 30 seconds of stirring. 3) DRINKABILITY: It lends absolutely NO texture to whatever liquid you add it to. If you mix it with water, the finished product retains the viscosity of water! I was shocked at it’s textural neutrality, unlike soy isolate, which has a chalky mouth-feel, (yuck!) 4) VERSATILITY: It’s 99% tasteless. (Somewhat like if you put a teaspoon of skim milk in a glass of water, lol) You can add it to almost ANYTHING! (EXCEPT HOT LIQUIDS, THE PRODUCT WILL IRREVERSIBLY CURDLE! As a side note, acid does NOT curdle the protein. I’ve even added it to straight lemon juice without curds forming. But whey flavored lemonade isn’t my cup of tea.) 5) MESS-RESISTANT: It’s not a super-fine powder like corn starch or soy isolate, but more the texture of pancake mix, if you catch my drift; you won’t make a dusty mess! 6) ECONOMY: At $2.00 (or more) for a dozen egg whites (~50g protein therein) you’re paying 4 cents per gram of that egg protein. The 10lb bag of whey isolate gives you ~4050g of protein for (after shipping) $86.00, or 2.1 cents per gram of protein! Half the price of egg whites! I love you, NOW FOODS!

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